Indian Rupee R

The new symbol

  1. Using the symbol on your web pages

    To use the symbol on your web pages, include the following stylesheet <link rel="stylesheet" href=""/> Then, add the following code at places where you would like the R to show up. <span style ="font-family:rupee">R</span> For example, to say that something costs R 100, write <div>something costs <span style ="font-family:rupee">R</span> 100 <div> This page uses the rupee symbol font. You can select it like normal text; it is not an image. More information on the details at

  2. See how current pages look with the new symbol

    To replace all INR and Rs. to R , copy the following text and paste it in the address bar of your browser. You can also drag and drop the RupeeSymbol bookmarklet to your bookmarks/favourites bar and click on it to activate it when viweing a page

  3. Firefox Greasemonkey script

    Firefox users can install the greasemonkey script at to replace all occurances of

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