An browser bookmarklet that gives you more control on media content on websites. It can be used to resize/move movies, play games in full screen in addition to a lot of other enhancements.

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Bookmarklet -

Media content like videos and games on many sites would be better if they could be resized to larger dimensions, moved around, or simply popped out of the page. This project is a browser bookmarklet that adds these features to web pages to make media content more usable.
Some of the actions you can perform on the Flash/Silverlight/HTML5 Video and Canvas objects on the web page are
  • Move and resize media content on web pages.
  • Darken everything on the page except the media content.
  • Block that annoyingly loud advertisement on the page.
  • Popout the content out of the page.
  • Download certain Media content.
MediaPlus is also available as an extension for Google Chrome. You can also click one of the following links to activate Media on this page to see how it can change the images and videos of this page.

Other Versions

To install the bookmarklet, drag and drop one of the the following to your browser bookmarks/favourites bar.
Google Chrome Extension
Older Versions of Bookmarklet : Release 1.5

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