JQuery IndexedDB Plugin

IndexedDB is a database inside a browser to save and retrieve objects on the browser/client.

The Jquery IndexedDB Plugin is a wrapper over IndexedDB, making it easier to use with Jquery.

IndexedBD is not supported on all browsers . You can use the IndexedDB polyfill over WebSQL to get the plugin working on Opera, Safari, iPad, iPhone, etc.


Typical code with the plugin looks something like this


Note how transactions are automatic, object stores are implicitly created and the syntax is far less verbose.

Compare IndexedDB API and jQuery Plugin code

Compare the code written using the IndexedDB API vs the jQuery Plugin.
Check out the differences.

API Documentation

Take a look at the API on Github Readme . You can also try out the entire API in the API Playground .



Try out the test suite on your browser to see the support
Run the test suites now

Tested on Browsers

  • Firefox 12.0 - 14.0a2 (2012-05-18)
  • Chrome 18.0 - 21.0.1143.0 canary

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