Pre Requisites

Though most browsers have unprefixed IndexedDB, it may still be a good idea to check for vendor prefixes.

You can find more details about IndexedDB here , here and here .

If you get errors trying to run examples, make sure that you hit the "Load-Prerequisites" button at the top right.

Open Database

Delete Database

Delete Database

Open ObjectStore

Create Object Store

Remove Object Store

Add Data

Delete data

Update data

Get Data

Clear Object Store

Open Cursor

Iterate over Cursor

Iterate over Cursor

Remove Objects using Cursor

Update Objects using Cursor

Get Index Names

Create Index

Open Index

Cursor on Index

Key Cursor on Index

Remove Index

Get an object by the Indexed key

Get Indexed Key

Count of all objects in Index

List of all object stores

Get All objects in data store

Create a new transaction

Create a new transaction

IndexedDB API

The list of examples illustrate the IndexedDB API. IndexedDB API is a specification dealing with storing large amounts of data on the client. More information about IndexedDB can be found at this project home page .

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